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#3 The Pickle Issue


Club Sandwich #3 Le cornichon
144 pages on pickles

Bilingual issue: French/English

With/avec :
David Avazzadeh, Joseph Bail, John Baldessari, Lucas Blalock, Anna Broujean, Johannes Brus, Matthew Carignan, Marcos Carrasquer, Cépé, Annie Collinge & Rottingdean Bazaar, Alexander Coggin, Carlo Crivelli, Guillaume Dégé, Alex Gamsu Jenkins, Molly Greene, Clay Hickson, Anne Horel, Alexis Jamet, Pieter Jennes, Julia et Vincent, Nico Krijno, Jessica Lajard, Laurent Le Deunff, Laurens Legiers, Leïla Boutaam, Jonathan Llense, Raphaël Lugassy, Marlene Mautner, Théo Mercier, Stella Murphy, Pat O’Neill, Marcus Oakley, Kai Oh, Marine Peixoto, Viacheslav Poliakov, Clara Prioux, Neil Raitt, Charlie Roberts, Élise Rigollet, Ry Rocklen, Miyu Shirotsuka, Max Siedentopf, TOILETPAPER Magazine, Breanne Trammel, Charline Tyberghein,
Guillaume Vénétitay, Johanna Walderdorff, Ben Wheele, Paul Windle, Erwin Wurm


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